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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are here to protect your privacy:

Our team from Digital Mitro is here to collect minimalistic information from your side to provide a satisfactory result. Our policy notes down the form of process that will result from data collected from your side. Once you use our website, it is a sign that you have given us the right to collect information from your side.

The collected info:

Depending on the transaction you have chosen, we can ask for any sort of information. Some of those are email ID, phone number, address, name, and other data, relevant to our work. We might call for other information any time when you are trying to process a request as presented on the website only.

The information we will be using:

Our main goal to use your information is to process the task, for which you have come to our official website of Digital Mitro. The data that we will collect from your side will match the standard norms of the Data Protection Act. So, we will take all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent anyone from accessing your info unauthorized. For such preventive measures, it is vital to offer added identification forms to our side, in case you need to procure your account details.

The use of cookies:

It is a known fact that your internet browser has an in-built facility called “cookies,” designed to store small files. These files hold information to help the website identify your account. We will take advantage of this service to enhance user experience to the next level. You can prevent your system from accepting cookies from our side. In case you accept the cookies, certain website functions might get impaired.

Disclosing the procured information:

We ensure to not disclose any sort of information procured from your side to third parties unless you have given us permission to do so. For that, you need to tick the relevant boxes within the competition or the registration forms.

We might use your presented information to keep in contact with you and then inform all the developments related to us. If you want, you can remove your name from the mailing list. In the case in the nearby future, if you ever need to disclose your information to third parties, we ensure to take consent from your side beforehand.

From one time to another, we might provide some general information to third parties, like how many people have visited our site, or completed the registration form. But, we are not going to provide any info which helps them to acknowledge the individuals.

Sometimes, the dummy might work with all the third parties for delivering targeted behavioral ads to the Dummy website. With cookies, anonymous information related to your use of our site or any other similar sites will be used for presenting relevant adverts about services and goods, which are interesting to you. In order to learn more about online behavioral advertising and ways to turn this feature off, visit our website for details.

Changes made to the chosen policy:

Any form of changes to our privacy policy will be done over here. We might supersede the policy’s version. We will take all reasonable measures to catch your attention to our policy changes. But, in order to be safe, we would recommend you visit our privacy policy page from time to time, to see if there have been any changes done.

Contact us:

In case you have any issue related to our privacy policy, or want to know about the type of info we will collect from your side, email us at our official ID.


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